An alien invasion has taken place in a quiet city. The streets became a deadly arena. Only one question remains. Who is going to be the last UFO standing? Show the galaxy who’s the boss by pulling everything and everyone into your starship! Game Modes Classic mode: The invasion has never been so ruthless! You and the other aliens might compete to eat everything in your way as fast as you can. The more you eat, the bigger you get, but only one alien will be crowned as king! Eliminate the other invaders by tracking them down and abducting them too, but watch out for not getting sucked by other spacecraft in your way to the top. Friendly mode: Invading planets and abducting everything is always funnier when you are in a friendly mood. Play in Friendly mode with no competition, just spread the chaos for fun with your alien buddies. Solo mode: Wanna practice for your next invasion? In this mode, you will have the entire map just for you. No hurries, just you, cars, trees and some terrified citizens ready for abduction. Time Attack mode: Feeling sharp? Or have to go back to your galaxy before the dinner goes out? What about a quick invasion? In this mode, you’ll have 90 seconds to pull the entire city. Can you do it? Going out in your ufo for an invasion had never been so funny. Be a part of the most fearless alien horde of all times. Join this adventure right now! If you like to play alien games including shooter and invasion, then you will surely love this multiplayer alien game. Don't think of this as a simple pinball game, rather think of simulating the existence of an alien space jet with mission invasion earth as the goal. It's time for apocalypse for mankind. Be the best of alien invaders and show power of your rangers. The battle has begun and you have to be there till the end of the alien war on earth. Fight to death and pull everything that you see. The human army can do nothing in front of the massive number and technology of the alien army. Mission Invasion Earth is bound to be successful so show everyone who’s the boss.

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